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Here's How it Works…
• When you have added 3 items to your cart, then entered the discount code, the lowest priced item will adjust automatically to $0.00. 

• When your order contains at least 3 different items, at different prices, then the calculation is straightforward.

• If you buy at least 3 of exactly the same item, your shopping cart will show one of them at $0.00 and the others at the advertised price.   
   e.g. 3x Silk Classic Camisoles Latte in Small - one will be charged at $0.00, two at the advertised price.
   e.g. 4x Silk Classic Camisoles Latte in Small - one will be charged at $0.00, three at the advertised price and so forth.

• If you buy at least 3 different items which happen to be the same price, your shopping cart will select one of them to be charged at $0.00 which will be the third item you add to your cart.
• The offer works in multiples of 3 i.e. Buy 6 and the 2 lowest price items will be free. Buy 9 and the 3 lowest price items will be free and so forth.
Helpful Hint: Combos, Multipacks, Value Packs and Sets = 1 item.
• The offer applies to any item on our website including any items available on backorder, but they must be included in your order before the offer ends (in NZD it excludes delivery).

• The offer may not be applied to to prior orders nor to prior backordered items i.e. ordered before this offer was available.
• The discount codes for this promotion can't be used in combination with any other discount codes.

OFFER ENDS Midnight NZDT 8th February 2015
 equals 10pm AEDT Sunday 8th February 2015
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