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Buying Sheepskin Boots & Slippers from New Zealand Nature

Click here to see our range of Sheepskin Boots & Slippers


New Zealand Made

We don’t consider anything else.
On the rare occasions where we have, we’ve stated why.  New Zealand has a long history of making sheepskin boots & slippers and over the years our suppliers have perfected their craft.

However, we know you have other choices when it comes to buying New Zealand Made sheepskin footwear, so here are some reasons why you should consider buying your first pair (or next pair) of sheepskin boots or slippers from New Zealand Nature…


Quality of the Sheepskin

We select footwear made from premium quality,
twin-faced sheepskin in New Zealand. “Twin-faced” means a single piece of plush, sheepskin with both sides processed to the highest standards to provide supple suede leather on the outside and cosy fleece on the inside. With the greater choice of sheepskin boots & slippers available worldwide, it is actually possible to purchase boots or slippers made from lesser quality sheepskin without necessarily realising it – so be aware!


Quality of Craftsmanship

In New Zealand, we are fortunate to have suppliers who are highly skilled at making sheepskin boots & slippers. Nevertheless, we thoroughly examine how the boot or slipper has been made e.g. the stitching, the adhesive, the molding of the soles and the consistency across the range. Various members of our team wear the samples to ensure their comfort and performance in a variety of conditions. 


I ordered Sheepskin boots from New Zealand Nature recently and the quality is excellent and the fit was great - my US size of 13 was matched very well by their size '12', just as their guidelines indicated. Shipping was part of the price and I got them from New Zealand without a hitch, contrary to my concern about the reliability of international parcel post. I was looking for sheepskin boots made locally in New Zealand or Australia. The Australian company I bought from before moved manufacturing to China. Not to disparage Chinese-made in general but the quality of my last sheepskin boots was inferior to what it was when they were made where the sheepskin is produced. The quality was poorer but the price hadn’t fallen any!

L. S., California, USA


Click here to see our range of Sheepskin Boots & Slippers

Providing Reliable Information

The customer feedback above highlighted an important aspect of choosing the right boot or slipper. We spend an enormous amount of time preparing accurate sizing information as there are so many ways in the world to express foot size.  We have extensively tested and then provided the most useful information we possibly can in our size charts to help you make the correct choice.
The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed.

Sustainable Value with Choices

We don’t just mean composition or construction, nor our 12 month guarantee. We aim to provide a gender and age balance in our range. We aim to balance contemporary fashion trends with enduring style, comfort and performance. We aim to provide choices to suit a variety of budgets without compromising quality.  We could take a different approach and likely sell a lot more sheepskin boots and slippers by doing so – we choose not to.

My new Kimberly boots arrived today...LOVE them, thank you:))

I have the supertread ones and now the Kimberly. The quality is fantastic, durability is amazing!

Rebecca, Birmingham, UK.


I love these [Supertread Regular] boots - on my third pair. All my family have a pair too - Mum, Sister, my Cousin even my Dad and Husband - and his family too. Really snug and very long lasting - keep shape fantastically"

Mrs S., Cheshire, UK


Successfully Display Online & Deliver Worldwide?

This applies to almost every product in our entire range because you are unable to try it on for size before you buy. It’s really important with footwear.  If a style is potentially challenging and if we believe we cannot successfully compensate with images, words and size charts, then we don’t stock it. If we’re presenting it, then you know we can send it almost anywhere in the world!


I refuse to buy my boots anywhere else. I always receive a personal e-mail from the office and they all make you feel like you've known them forever. Orders are processed so fast it only seems to take days to get my boots.

C.W., California, USA


Click here to see our range of Sheepskin Boots & Slippers


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