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Eco-fur and Possum Merino Accessories & Knitwear
Eco-Fur™ is the trademark of New Zealand Nature Company and applies to possum fur accessories and Possum Merino knitwear products using the fur of trichosurus vulpecula (commonly known as the brushtail possum). This introduced pest has no natural predators in New Zealand, and is decimating our native forests and birds (including the kiwi). This marsupial is only distantly related to the American Opossum and has a fur quality similar to Mink.


Possum fur scuffs Possum Turtleneck
Possum Vest Possum Bird Socks Possum Wool Accessories


NZ Nature Possum Merino Merino Blend (Possum Wool) Knitwear - 50% warmer than Merino

The possum fibre is hollow which provides incredible warmth without weight. Being scale free, it’s smooth and soft against your skin. It will not freeze - the only other fibre in the world known to have this same characteristic is polar bear fur!

Possum Merino is luxuriously soft, incredibly lightweight, exceptionally warm and easy to wear. It won’t pill, it won’t wrinkle, it’s anti-static and is a market solution to an environmental challenge facing New Zealand. Once you’ve tried it nothing else will feel as warm and soft.


Ecofur - the environmental choice

Brushtail possums were introduced into New Zealand about 150 years ago from Australia. They have now multiplied to more than 70 million. With no predators, this pest has decimated huge tracts of New Zealand native forests eating 21,000 tons of vegetation nightly. Both bird life (including the Kiwi) and many unique tree species are threatened with extinction because of the Brushtail possum. This marsupial is only distantly related to the American Opossum and has a fur quality similar to Mink.



Buying Eco-fur Clothing and Accessories from New Zealand Nature is easy and affordable

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Our Customers love Eco-fur Possum Merino Knitwear!

"This Christmas I gave my mother, who lives in England, a possum wool scarf, because it is light, unbreakable, therefore easy to airmail. She loves it. I was talking to her over the weekend and she said that as they've had a very stormy winter she's worn it nearly every day - and has extolled its virtues to all her friends."
NH, Auckland


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