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Gold, silver and pearl jewellery handcrafted in Golden Bay, New Zealand
by Gaya Brabant

Gaya’s skills with precious metals were developed in her native Holland. Since coming to live in New Zealand, she has become inspired by our landscape and culture, and loves blending contemporary and traditional designs into jewellery
with timeless elegance.

Bolden Bay Map - Gaya's DesignsPearls are the oldest jewels known to man yet remain the epitome of elegance. 
Keshi pearls are irregular shaped gems that evolve when the host shellfish rejects the implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete. Without the nucleus to guide its shape into the customary uniform sphere, the pearl develops “freeform” and is 100% nacre yielding an especially lustrous and shimmering surface quality.

This lustre, shimmer and shape  endows Keshi pearls with a special whimsical charm inspiring superb, contemporary jewellery  in colours ranging from silvery white  to silvery grey. Keshi pearls are becoming increasingly rare as x-ray  techniques are used to pre-empt their formation.

At her studio in Golden Bay, Gaya has meticulously matched and hand knotted her selection of beautiful Keshi pearls into this superb necklace with a sterling silver filigree clasp.  Will you be the lucky winner?

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