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Ngali Nut

Ngali Nuts have been consumed in the Marquesas Islands for generations due to the nut's rich flavor. To this day, a pudding made with ngali nuts and cassava is a local delicacy.



Ngali Nut Oil Production

The fruit from Ngali trees (Canarium Indicum) is harvested over a two to six month period each year, a mature tree yielding a minimum of 100 kg of nuts per year. To extract Ngali nut oil from the nut, the skin from the Ngali fruit is removed and the in-shell nuts are dried in the sun or fire.

The Ngali nuts are then cracked open and ground to produce the kernel which is then pressed to extract Ngali nut oil. The Ngali nut oil has emollient properties and can be used as an additive in hair care, facial products and moisturisers. Ngali Nut oil is magic in soaps and lotions as it is so light is seems to evaporate on your skin. All kinds of medicinal properties have been given to Ngali Nut Oil, including even cures for arthritis.


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Benefits of the Ngali Nut Oil Project

By harvesting and selling Ngali Nuts, more than 300 local people become less vulnerable to tempting offers by timber companies to log the rain forest in their community.

Thus, the rain forest's vast array of natural resources are better protected for generations and will continue to provide for its stewards - the people of the Solomon Islands.

Children from the Solomon Islands face a better future thanks to income generated by the local harvest of ngali nuts.

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