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1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Possum Merino Jacket with Detachable Hood

Possum Merino Jacket with Detachable Hood

A versatile wrap-like jacket that goes over anything and will keep out the chill wherever you need to go.

USD $319.00
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Possum Fur Nipple Warmers

Possum Fur Nipple Warmers

Possum Nipple Warmers

USD $19.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Possum Fur Boot Liners

Possum Fur Boot Liners

Line your fashion footwear, work boots or gumboots with the incredible softness and warmth of possum fur.

USD $42.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Possum Fur Ear Muff

Possum Fur Ear Muff

Feel like a princess in this luxurious Possum Fur (Eco Fur) Ear Muff crafted in New Zealand

USD $89.95
Low Stock
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Inner Soles for Boots

Inner Soles for Boots

Specially designed sheepskin inner soles / liners for our supertread sheepskin boots.

USD $26.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Sheepskin Slippers - Traditional

Sheepskin Slippers - Traditional

The classic slipper of bygone days that you can imagine yourself in as you sit by the fire with some expensive amber liquid.

USD $125.00
Low Stock
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Sheepskin Rug - Single

Sheepskin Rug - Single

Sink your feet into natural NZ sheepskin when you first get out of bed

USD $159.00
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Inner Soles - Sheepskin

Inner Soles - Sheepskin

Add extra warmth and luxury to your gumboots / wellingtons with this cosy sheepskin liner.

USD $24.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Possum Fur Ear Muff & Loop Through Scarf SET

Possum Fur Ear Muff & Loop Through Scarf SET

Possum Fur Ear Muff and Loop Through Scarf Combo

USD $195.00
Low Stock
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Nectar Ease Plus Honey

Nectar Ease Plus Honey

Active Manuka Honey with Bee Venom and Glucosamine Sulphate.

USD $44.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Sheepskin Rug - Double

Sheepskin Rug - Double

Top quality, double sized, NZ sheepskin rug

USD $299.00
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Babycare Sheepskin Rug.

Babycare Sheepskin Rug.

The perfect "Go Anywhere" bed for baby

USD $119.95
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Envelope Recycle Labels.

Envelope Recycle Labels.

Save an envelope!

from USD $7.00
1061.AllActiveProductsExcludingClearanceNGiftCard Window Pane Thermometer

Window Pane Thermometer

Sticks on your window to show the temperature outside

USD $31.95
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