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Site Help
This page is designed to answer a few of the common questions we get from customers. If you can not find an answer to your question here, then please jump over to the Contact Us page and drop us a note, or call us on any of these numbers:

          USA     1866 343 7872                 Netherlands    0800 022 0958  

0800 028 0664 
Sweden   020 798 121 

0800 77 11 33
0800 563 531

1800 655 9341 
808 80 483 

1800 147 603  
800 642 1021

1800 357 240
0053 123 0036

0800 100 8707


Selecting your preferred currency

We ship products all over the world, so to make it easy to order where ever you are we offer our pricing in many currencies.


The site is pretty clever about identifying where you are and applying some local currencies by default, but this isn't a perfect science, and of course you might be in one country and want to order in another currency...


So if your local currency isn't displayed by default, or you simply want to change your currency, you can easily select your preferred currency from our range using the pull down menu at the top right of all pages. Once selected the site will remember your preference for the duration of your visit to our webshop.


Ordering gifts for another country

If you are in one country and wish to send to a recipient in another country - don't worry - we still send it the same way and for the same cost. You can provide your own billing address and give us the foreign delivery address no problem. Lots of our customers order gifts for people overseas.


We try to send out orders the same day we receive them. USA order take 5-7 days. UK 7-10 days, Europe and Ireland 7-21 days (Ireland is fastest and France is slowest).


For New Zealand shopping, All goods are sent by courier. Cost is NZ$8 for entire order and you should receive the goods in one or two days.


How to use our webshop

We are looking forward to showing you our range of gifts. Navigating is as easy as. "How do I find what I'm looking for?" If you know what you are looking for, enter the name in the Search Box.


Our webshop has been divided into different categories. These product groups are listed along the left hand side of each of our pages. Just click on any category to see the range of products we have available. Just try it, its easier to see than to explain.


If you know what you are looking for use the search box - just type in what you are looking for - eg. silk boxer shorts - and you will go to the selection of silk boxer shorts.


What do I do when I've found what I want?


By clicking on the "Add to Cart" button located next to every item and entering the size, colour and quantity you want, you can add that product to your shopping basket. You can then continue shopping and return to your shopping basket later.


At any time you can view your shopping basket by clicking on the "My Basket" button which appears at the top of each page. Your shopping basket will show the items you have selected so far - and you can alter or delete them at any time.

When you have finished shopping - first click on the "My Basket" button to see your list and check it is correct then click the "Checkout" button.


Then you can enter your address and payment details. All payments can be made by PayPal or credit card - and we take Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Don't worry, its easy and safe. Check that your address is correct for delivery by post and then click on the "Submit Order" button and your order is sent to us. (Please note this is a SECURE SITE. Nobody else will see your card number and nobody else will know your name.) Don't forget to double check your email address is correctly entered - as this is what we use to confirm your order for you. We will confirm by email all orders.


An order confirmation number will soon appear which confirms your order and gives you an order number. You don't need to remember this as we will personally send you a confirmation of your order which has your order all listed. We personally reply to all orders. It is important that you check that your email address is entered correctly for us to give you a personal confirmation.


What are the payment options?

Payment is accepted by PayPal or credit card - and we take Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


What if I have made an order and have an enquiry or amendment?

If you know your Order Number use our Order Enquiry form to ensure urgent treatment of your request. If you don't remember your Order Number, please check if you can find the Order Confirmation email which includes a link to the Order Enquiry page. If you don't know the Order Number and the Order Confirmation email has been lost, then please also use the Order Enquiry form but give us enough details so we can identify your order in our system.


Good - all done. It's on its way - fast and guaranteed.

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