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Stocking up the Kid’s Corner

One of our favourite activities at New Zealand Nature as it brings out the inner child in us all! Fun is indeed a significant factor, but there are also others we consider when compiling our range of Children’s Books, Activities, Games & Toys each year.

Good, Wholesome, Old Fashioned Fun & Enjoyment

Fun is essential – for all us – but especially for children. We also ask ourselves if it has an element of nostalgia? Can our customers remember this, or something similar, when they were young? Will our customers derive as much pleasure from buying the item as the child chosen to receive it?


Learning By Doing

Several of our team have young children who trial our choices and we also look beyond the elements of play, or a good story.  Will it foster literacy, numeracy, or confidence and social skills? Will it foster the imagination, an enquiring mind, even strategic thinking - it’s never too early!  


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Does it Offer Sustainable Value?

We don’t just mean its composition or construction, nor our 12 month guarantee. We look for enduring
appeal and relevance. Children grow out of things, but that doesn’t mean a younger person – family,
relative or friend - can’t enjoy it when their turn comes.

New Zealand made? New Zealand themes?

We appreciate the expectations and do our best to deliver! Sourcing New Zealand made isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially when considering customers’ budgets. New Zealand themes aren’t mandatory to us  – the world
is getting smaller - universal appeal is also important.


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Is it “Hard to Find”?

We focus upon items that aren’t widely available. Over the last 17 years, we’ve built an extensive sourcing network. Unless one has plenty of time for shopping, it would take a great deal of time and effort to locate many of these items.  We also try to surprise you with that item you didn’t even know you were looking for!


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Something for (Almost) Everyone

We aim to provide a gender balance and for ages up to about 8-9 years. We aim to present a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, plus those that work for ‘road trips’. We consider individual and group activities, plus those that can embrace the whole household. We are also very mindful of varying budgets.


Can We Successfully Deliver Worldwide?

This applies to every product in our entire range, but especially so in the Kid’s Corner.  If we’re presenting it, then you know we can send it almost anywhere in the world on your behalf!


Enjoy – We have!

Click here to see what’s in The Kid’s Corner

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