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“Ordering products from outside the European Union isn’t a problem” (Pinocchio)...

You might see this message on other websites as far flung as America, Australia and, of course, here from New Zealand. However, if you look carefully at the small print you will see each website company stating that they are not responsible for VAT that UK Revenue & Customs may impose and the inevitable delay in delivery.

If another company tells you that they’ve found a way around this problem, don’t believe them - they can’t do it legitimately. Although some might sneak through, every parcel from outside the European Union into the UK is now liable for VAT. Ordering items from other companies is more than likely to result in Revenue & Customs charging you VAT and a handling fee before you can get your parcel.

With New Zealand Nature, it truly isn’t... Our Solution – and one of the first in New Zealand!

Two years ago we negotiated a solution locally and now have a real answer to provide you with the extra reassurance you need... We arranged with UK Revenue & Customs to pay VAT in advance of shipping your parcel – all done from 12,000 miles away. Consequently, all prices on the website are now VAT inclusive. No extra charges and no hold ups in Customs.

We were one of the first companies in New Zealand to do this for customers and no other company with our wide range of products provides this service. Now you can rest assured that each order you place with us will still be sent the same day and arrives quicker, and fully insured, to your chosen delivery address.

Of course, we have had to look carefully at our prices to undertake this positive change whilst remaining competitive. The result is that we remain very well priced – and with many items significantly lower than our competitors.

And no extra charges for postage and packing either!

We look forward to sending your next order.

Steve & the Team at New Zealand Nature

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