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Possum Fur Boot Liners

USD $42.95
USD $42.95
Style Code:  64329
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Possum fur boot/shoe liners – do your bit to protect New Zealand’s threatened forests and keep your toes cosy warm and odour free at the same time!

The possum fibre is hollow which provides incredible insulating warmth without bulk. Being scale free, it’s smooth and soft against your skin. It will not freeze - the only other fibre in the world known to have this same characteristic is polar bear fur!

Independent tests have shown that vegetable tanned possum fur shoe liners reduce foot odour better tan any other product on the market including the activated carbon insoles that are sold in most chemist shops. It appears that it is a combination of the vegetable tanning process and enzymes in the possum skin that inhibits bacterial growth.

The best possum fur liner on the market from Possum Pam: * Vegetable tanned * Clinically proven to reduce foot odour * Slightly stiffened as part of the tanning process so less likely to bunch up * Cut with the nap of the fur in the right direction so liner won’t “climb out of your shoe”! * Labelled with pertinent information regarding the possum situation in New Zealand, and certificate of origin.

About the Brushtail Possum

The Australian Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a medium sized marsupial and was introduced into New Zealand in 1837. It is from a completely different family to that of the American Opossum, and has a fur quality similar to Mink. With no natural predators, numbers exploded to approximately 70 million in the 1980s, with possums chewing their way through 21 000 tons of native vegetation each night. As well as competing directly with native birds for food, possums eat birds’ eggs, chicks and insects. Their voracious appetite threatens the survival of many of our native plants, insects and birds, including the iconic flightless kiwi.

Animal health and conservation authorities spend many millions of dollars each year on trapping and controversial poisoning campaigns in attempts to control the pest. In addition, the possum fur industry helps to keep the possum numbers down.

Recent figures have shown that due to two decades of control, possum numbers have dropped to approximately 45 million. However, we must remain vigilant as with no natural predators, New Zealand conditions are so favourable for possums, they are often able to breed twice a year and could easily and rapidly increase in numbers once again.

New Zealand Nature believes in a market solution to the possum problem. Efforts to reduce the millions of possums in New Zealand’s forests have been boosted by companies that market possum fur.

So, by choosing to wear our luxurious Possum Wool knitwear, or one of our unique Possum fur products, you are helping to preserve the fragile and beautiful New Zealand environment.

Machine washable.

Men's & Women's Sizing

Small: UK 5-6 = NZ & AUST Men 5-6 = USA Men 6-7 = NZ & AUST & USA Women 7-8 = Euro 38-39
Medium: UK 7-8 = NZ & AUST Men 7-8 = USA Men 8-9 = NZ & AUST & USA Women 9-10= Euro 40-41
Large: UK 9-10 = NZ & AUST Men 9-10 = USA Men 10-11 = NZ & AUST & USA Women 11-12 = Euro 42-43
XL: UK 11-12 = NZ & AUST Men 11-12 = USA Men 12-13 = NZ & AUST & USA Women 13-14 = Euro 44-45
Note - innersoles can be trimmed to size so if in doubt order one size up.

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