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Merino LifestylePlus LifeSocks with SeaCell for Men & Women

USD $39.95
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Style Code:  58900
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Highly innovative and uniquely woven, SeaCell® active Merino LifestylePlus LifeSocksTMwill give you the best comfort and support to meet anything life throws at you!

Employing the latest technology and design to provide you with ultimate comfort and support. Designed in consultation with New Zealand specialists in diabetes podiatrists and ideal for sufferers of diabetes, arthritis or sensitive feet, they are highly beneficial to wear when flying or for anyone who wants or needs to take good care of his feet - keeping in mind that "prevention is better than cure".

The diagram above shows the different technical features of the LifeSockTM

  1. High-stretch top for minimal compression
  2. Flex panel for ergonomic shaping
  3. Dorsalis Pedis pulse point device
  4. Y heel for improved fit
  5. Mesh for moisture and temperature control
  6. Individual shaping for left and right foot
  7. Unique double density cushion padding for added protection
  8. Alignment points for correct positioning
  9. Seamless toe closure for ridge-free comfort

This midweight LifeSockTM, for business and casual wear (comes up to lower mid calf), is made in New Zealand from 55% Merino wool, 29% Nylon, 8% Elastic, 8% SeaCell® active and utilises trademarked Elastic Support System (ESSTM) to ensure a customised fit.
Machine washable.

What is SeaCell® active?

A soft and highly absorbent, innovative cellulose fibre containing seaweed and enriched with silver developed in Germany as an alternative to conventional antibacterial fibres. SeaCell® active helps regulate moisture and hydrates your skin, slowly releasing non-toxic silver ions in warm, moist conditions (such as those provided by your feet) to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The Seaweed content has an added benefit it helps your LifeSockTM remember the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort after repeated machine laundering, therefore each pair consists of a left and right fitting sock with "L" and "R" woven into each for easy identification.

What is ESSTM (Elastic Support System)?

"Elasticity" is the ability of a stretched fibre to return to its original size and ESSTM incorporates the highest quality elastics available to gently lock the LifeSockTM on to your foot and lower leg with minimal compression, no bunching or ride-down and to provide support especially under the arches. By fitting snugly to the skin, ESSTM contributes to SeaCell® active Merino LifeSocksTM maintaining regular skin temperature therefore avoiding fluctuations that may cause chilling.

How SeaCell® active Merino LifeSocksTM can "treat your feet" and address common sock or foot complaints

Easy to put on with a comfortable top cuff
The double cuff, high stretch top, with lateral stretch > 240mm (approx. 9.5 inches) enables easy slide-on and ensures minimal compression around the cuff.

Well fitting with no bunching or ride down nor irritating seams
ESSTM locks the LifeSockTM snugly onto the foot. The seamless toe closure provides ridge free comfort; the Y heel provides an improved, wrinkle free fit and pressure point reduction. Individual shaping for each foot recognising their differences.

Anatomical cushioning avoids rubbing and friction/blisters
Naturally resilient, 100% Merino wool is renowned for its fineness, strength and durability, and provides the special base for anatomical cushioning strategically placed through the LifeSockTM for protection with a unique double density cushion pad for bony prominences. Friction is reduced by the softness of Merino combined with that of SeaCell® active when knitted with ESSTM.

Odour resistence; heat & moisture management
The inherent odour resistance and breathable properties of 100% Merino wool combines with the moisture regulating and hydrating properties of SeaCell® active to inhibit growth of bacteria and therefore eliminate odour. The mesh panels and rib structure of the LifeSockTM aid air flow.

Care Instructions

For best appearance and longevity, wash the LifeSocksTM inside out in a gentle cycle using a wool approved or mild detergent suited for natural fibres, then line dry. Any soap or detergents suited for babies/baby wear will also suit. As with other natural fibres, do not tumble dry.

"Hi there, I just have to thank the NZ Sock Co. for designing my wonderful new therapeutic SeaCell® active Merino Socks. I have quite severe arthritis in my feet, which gives me a lot of pain. I find I am on my feet a lot during my working day. Before being given some pairs I had extreme pain most of the time and would be awake with the pain for hours at a time during the night. I used to be taking painkillers regularly. Sometimes I will be woken with the pain and have to get up for painkillers and to fill a hottie. However after waking in the early hours last night, I decided to try putting on a pair of my SeaCell Socks. WOW, instant relief. The pain was reduced enough for me to go back to sleep WITHOUT Painkillers. When I put on my SeaCell Merino Socks I feel instant relief, they give me warmth and pressure in just the right places. I love all the extra cushioning and padding they have. I also like the High Stretch Tops as my legs swell badly during the day and these tops are so comfortable as they stretch with me. They also stay up, all day. I have had problems with foot odour in the past but since wearing these Socks I have No More Odour. They are a little more than I would normally pay for socks , but I am so pleased with them that I will NEVER wear any others. I don't care what they cost. And I tell everyone I meet who complains about foot or sock problems to go get some. Once again thanks for making my life so much better and less painful. You deserve and award for innovative design." C.J., Temuka, NZ

"I found that by wearing my new SeaCell® active Socks I could walk comfortably again after many years of pain, with a spring in my step! Thank you!" Mr DJ. T., Harrogate, UK

"A short note to say how grateful I was to have the Lifestyle Plus socks on our recent flying trip to Africa. The trip was flying a Cessna through Botswana and Zimbawe landing in the bush to visit out of the way Game Parks which was amazing. Long story short my "new" boots became totally unusable and the only thing I could get my sore feet into were ordinary cheap sneakers. Your Natural Therapeutic socks saved the day and worked my feet while walking many miles over the rock hard (dry season ground). The massaging effect worked wonders and I cannot recommend them enough. Thanks." PP

Men’s & Women’s Sizes:

Small: UK 3-5 = NZ & AUST Men 3-5 = USA Men 4-6 = NZ & AUST & USA Women 5-7 = Euro 36-38
Medium: UK 5-7½ = NZ & AUST Men 5-7½ = USA Men 6-8½ = NZ & AUST & USA Women 7-9½ = Euro 38-41
Large: UK 8-10½ = NZ & AUST Men 8-10½ = USA Men 9-11½ = NZ & AUST & USA Women 10-12½ = Euro 42-45
XL: UK 11-13½ = NZ & AUST Men 11-13½ = USA Men 12-14½ = NZ & AUST & USA Women 13-15½ = Euro 46-49
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