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Kolorex Foot & Toe Cream

USD $19.95
USD $19.95
Style Code:  56735
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Treat your feet after a hard run or a hard day at work

Effective herbal skin care for Athletes Foot and sore tired feet. Instant refreshment and active against foot fungi. Great for those times when feet get hot, sweaty or damp and the skin becomes patchy, unsightly and unattractive to touch and smell. Kolorex Foot & Toe Care Cream contains the strongest Horopito extract (kolorXtract-50TM), combined with lemon tea tree oil for deep down cleansing; apricot kernel oil, aloe extract and vitamin E to condition and replenish the area; and lactic acid to balance the pH.

About Horopito Herb

Horopito, one of the world's oldest flowering plants, has survived so well in funghi-infested rainforests because the active components in its leaves discourage attack from fungi or predators. These protective properties were recognised by the Maori people, who traditionally used the leaves as an external and internal remedy.

The main active component Horopito is polygodial, but at least three other natural anti-fungal compounds are present in the leaves. In addition to its anti-fungal properties, Horopito also contains the powerful antioxidant flavonoids - quercetin and taxifolin. University research in New Zealand and USA has identified the natural active components and compared them favourably against pharmaceutical counterparts.

Horopito leaves, whole or extracted, are the key ingredient in Forest Herbs' KOLOREX range. Forest Herbs has discovered a five-fold difference in anti-Candida activity between the most active and least active Horopito populations. An effective preparation needs to be based on Horopito derived from one of the 'active' populations. Forest Herbs Research has the only commercial planting of active Horopito (grown organically) and a patent over its use. Funds generated from the commercial activities of Forest Herbs Research are used to search for new medicinal plants from New Zealand.

Effective herbal treatment for Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot is a form of tinea and the official name for it is "Trichphyton mentagrophytes" or "T.mentagrophytes". Horopito is effective against Tinea fungi.

Twice as powerful as Tea Tree Gel
Six times as powerful as Manuka Cream, and Grapefruit Seed Extract
Free from synthetic preservatives
Free from synthetic fragrances
Free from mineral oil
Free from parabens
Free from animal products

Customer Testimonials:
"This is to acknowledge the arrival of my order. Customs let it pass without a hitch - very unusual - and I proceeded to use the products. Both have proven to be highly effective.
The Soft Gel Capsules have markedly settled my stomach after I tried several other supplements to not much avail. (Also a leftover from India).
The Kolorex Foot & Toe Cream is finally ridding me of a fungus infection which I caught 45 years ago in India on a 9 months mission. This one I have fought for the last 10 years with a lot of very expensive medications, which subdued the fungus, but never eliminated it. Though the fungus was possibly very much weakened, your product is apparently knocking it out for good.
Congratulations on the quality of your products and I will ring the bell for them among friends.
A grateful customer not to say patient." Bernt T., France
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