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Silk Duvet Lightweight 250gsm

USD $289.00
USD $289.00
Style Code:  72335
Availability:  This item is Out of stock

The finest quality Silk Duvets (Quilts, Comforters)

Silk Duvets are the ultimate in sleep luxury! Our Silk Comforters (duvets) are filled with 100% natural premium grade mulberry silk floss and covered with a white 240 thread count cotton cover which is finished with a spiral quilting pattern and piping edges. Superbly soft and lightweight, the duvet contours to every part of your body like a second skin. Silk contains amazing qualities not found in goose down or wool duvets.

This Light weight duvet (250gsm/ is perfect for warm summer nights.
Also available, the Medium weight (400gsm/ Duvet is ideal all year round for most people in a centrally heated environment.
Note that the Light and Medium weight duvets are different brands, with different looking cotton covers, but may still be buttoned together to form a Combination winter weight duvet (650gsm/ (Grams per metre (gsm) is the amount of silk (by weight) inside the cotton casing, on a square metre basis.)

About Silk Bedding

Silk is a natural insulator
Depending on the temperature, silk either draws heat away from the body or traps in the warmth. In the winter the large fibres reduce heat loss from the body, but in the summer the silk fleece sheds surplus heat by wicking away moisture from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.
This also means that one duvet will satisfy 2 sleepers with different needs of warmth.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic:
It is resistant to dust and house mites, mildew, mould and rot that attacks other fibres. Sufferers of asthma, blocked sinuses or other hay fever symptoms can find relief in silk bedding as well as those with allergies to down or synthetic material.

Silk is composed of 18 amino acids
The same amino acids that are found in our own bodies. Medical studies show that this can help blood circulation and the digestion system during sleep. It also helps to reduce the discomfort of itchy skin and aids in preventing vascular sclerosis.

Silk comforters are also suited to children
Their lightweight nature and breathable qualities ensure a regulated even sleep temperature.

Silk duvets provide the same warmth as down comforters.
They are comfortable all year round due to their insulating properties.

Our silk duvets (comforters) are manufactured in China under strict quality control, ensuring that the Grade A mulberry silk filling is of the finest quality. The silk threads are teased out to the size of the duvet and layered multiple times to create a thick floss. Detailed stitching ensures the silk filling is held well in place, eliminating any cold spots, and it will remain like this for its entire lifetime.

Feel the difference yourself! Once you have experienced our silk duvets, you will not want to sleep under any other cover again.

Care and Cleaning Instructions:

Your silk duvet/comforter will last a lifetime if proper care is taken.
  • Always use a removable cover to protect the inner from dirt and stains.
  • Air outdoors every 3 months for 2 hours and up to a maximum of 3 hours.

This should be all that is needed to keep your silk duvet/comforter fresh and clean. Silk fibres do not absorb moisture or odours, avoiding the necessity to wash your inner to freshen it up. However, Silk duvet/comforters are not are not intended for use in circumstances where frequent complete cleaning is necessary. Only use wet cleaning when absolutely essential.

Should your duvet inner require deeper cleaning, please follow these steps:
  • Isolate the soiled area only.
  • Handwash with cold water and a very gentle\delicate washing agent. (A special
    silk washing agent is perfect)
  • Do not use bleach or strong detergents.
  • Rinse thoroughly and squeeze excess water by pressing the two sides together.
  • Do not wring.
  • Dry flat.
  • Drycleaning uses chemicals which may damage the silk and is not recommended.
  • Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Do not shake duvet inner strongly as this may displace the hand layered silk floss.

Damage to your silk inner caused by incorrect care will void your warranty.

Duvet Measurements

Queen - 210 x 210cm / 82¾ x 82¾ inches

King - 245 x 210cm / 96½ x 82¾ inches

Super King - 265 x 210cm / 104¼ x 82¾ inches

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