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 - Freeplay Solar Wind-up Radio with Torch Loading Zoom, please wait

Freeplay Solar Wind-up Radio with Torch

USD $69.95
USD $69.95
Style Code:  72067
Availability:  This item is Out of stock

Small in size but big on performance - all in one - AM/FM radio, powerful LED torch and mobile phone charger

The best solar radio we’ve found! Its convenient pocket size and great reception allows you to tune in where ever you go - even plug in your own earphones if you like. Light and compact using the latest technology.

Charges quickly and efficiently by solar power or dynamo (manual winding). 1 hour charge in full sun, (with radio off) will give you approximately 1 hour of radio play time (volume depending). 30 seconds cranking gives 20-30mins playtime. A full charge will give you up to 12 hours continuous playtime. Charges best in direct sunlight.

  • Take this radio with you when you go camping or hiking. You’ll have access to radio broadcasts and won’t need an extra torch/flashlight. Plug in your earphones and you won’t disturb anyone. It’s robust, ultra-portable and lightweight.
  • Take it to work or sports games (with your earphones!)
  • Ideal for rapid deployment in the event of a disaster and is an essential component in any emergency preparedness kit.


About Freeplay Energy

Freeplay's mission is to bring affordable clean energy products to people living either temporarily or permanently off grid.

Freeplay Energy was founded in 1994, following the invention by Trevor Baylis of the 'clockwork radio', which was designed to help halt the spread of AIDS in Africa by providing much-needed access to health information and advice.

Freeplay enjoys an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and has unrivalled experience in the field. With their commitment to improvement, they remain at the forefront of product development and innovation.

Today Freeplay specialises in the design, development and manufacture of clean energy products for people living either temporarily or permanently off-grid. They do this by using their core expertise in solar, dynamo, and energy storage technology to create products that are affordable and reliable.

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