Privacy Policy

Our website uses the industry standard security protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encode sensitive information like your credit card number while it passes through the internet.

Your name and details will be kept private in compliance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. Nobody else will have access to your private details, you can request access to and removal of any of your dtetails and we do not sell nor distribute your personal information to any third parties.

Telephone numbers and email addresses allow us, if required, to contact you about your order.

Your email address will only be used by NZ Nature 2017 Limited to do the following:

  • acknowledge receipt of your order
  • email a copy of your invoice/packing slip
  • to email any correspondence relating to your order as required
  • AND, for email newsletters.

Are cookies safe?
A cookie cannot be a virus, malware or harm your computer in any way. It only contains plain text and cannot be executed like a program. The only one who can read the cookie is the website who stored it, in our case,

How we use cookies
We use cookies to improve your use of our website when you visit. E.g. when you are logging in at our website or our website remembering your cart content for a certain amount of time after you've left, and then return.

In addition we also use 3rd party cookies for analytic tracking and our own advertising purposes. All 3rd party cookie usage is anonymised and doesn't contain any personal data of yours.