SAVE an EXTRA 10% on Clearance ♦ 3 Days Only ♦ Here's How...
  • As you add Clearance items to your cart, your extra 10% savings will show on the right hand side of your Shopping Cart, in the "Summary" panel, as "Discount".
  • Note that the 10% discount is applied to the reduced prices (in red) that you see below, not to the original price (in grey and crossed out).
  • You can add any other products on our website to your cart, but they will not be included in, nor affect, this offer.
  • Offer began 4.00pm NZT and ends 8.30am NZT Monday 23rd September 2019.
  • Offer applies to available stock only and won’t apply to orders placed/received outside the abovementioned time period.
  • NOTE: 8.30am NZT 23rd September = 6.30am AEST = 10.30pm CEST 22nd September = 9.30pm BST = 4.30pm EDT
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