Flatweave Cotton Striped Turkish Towel

Just as soft and absorbent as a terry towel, they’re quick drying and compact.

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The best beach and travel accessory you’ll ever own!

Flatweave towels are so practical and versatile. Just as soft and absorbent as a terry towel, they’re quick drying and compact. Towel, sarong, wrap, throw, picnic blanket or table cloth in one! They’re extremely durable and sand simply slides off.

Measures a generous 100 x 180cm / 39.3 x 70.75 inches with hand knotted fringes.

Woven by traditional artisans, using premium quality 100% Turkish cotton. The tassels are hand twisted and finished by women from local villages. By purchasing this Turkish towel you are supporting a community and a traditional craft.

Turkish cotton has long fibres. As the towel is washed, the fibres open up, making them more absorbent. They become softer and more absorbent as you use them.


Caring for your Turkish Towel

  • Wash or soak your Turkish Towel before use. Turkish cotton has long fibres, and washing/soaking your towel opens up these fibres, allowing them to absorb water.
  • Tassels can come unravelled with washing and use, so we recommend tightening each tassel before your first wash.
  • Normal wash at 30 degrees with regular detergent.
  • It is best to wash your towel on a cycle with less than 800 spins per minute, as higher spins can cause your tassels to unravel.
  • Turkish Towels are quick drying, so we recommend avoiding the tumble dryer or using a low setting.
  • Fabric softener is not recommended because it leaves residue on the fibres which reduce absorbency. Adding a cup of vinegar to the wash every now and again removes residue and improves absorbency.
  • Iron can be used.
  • To re-tie your tassels that have come unravelled, make two sections and twist each section clockwise till fully twisted. Take each section and wrap around each other in an anti-clockwise direction till fully twisted around each other. Tie a knot at the end.
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