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The first jeans were made from recycled hemp sailcloth for the California '49ers. Hemp has played a vital role in human history, supplying the world’s strongest natural fibre, used for rope, clothing, sail cloth, paper and many other uses. Many famous artists such as Van Gogh also painted some of their greatest works on hemp canvas.

  • Growing hemp is far better for the planet than growing cotton. The same land will produce 2-3 times as much hemp fibre per year as it will cotton. Hemp is easy to grow organically, requiring little or no help from pesticides or herbicides. Its roots dig deep and Hemp therefore requires little or no irrigation and stabilises the ground. It grows in a wide range of climates and leaves the soil enriched for the next crop.
  • It is also softer and more absorbent than cotton, and is very effective at blocking the sun’s UV rays. 
  • Hemp has four times the durability of cotton and eight times the tensile strength due to its fibre length. 
  • Hemp that is industrially grown for its fibre should not be confused with Cannabis grown for medicinal or recreational use. Although part of the same family, it has little to no narcotic substance making it worthless as a drug.
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  1. Hemp Button-Through Midi Dress
    SKU: 25006
    Special Price NZD$84.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$115.00 TO CLEAR
  2. Men's Hemp Denim Jeans
    SKU: 25007
  3. Men's Hemp Cotton Plaid Shirt
    SKU: 25003
  4. Hemp Wrap
    SKU: 25100
    Special Price NZD$44.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$59.95 TO CLEAR
  5. Hemp 3/4 Drawstring Trousers
    SKU: 25002
    Special Price NZD$69.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$99.95 TO CLEAR
  6. Men's Hemp Cotton Cargo Shorts
    SKU: 25004
    Special Price NZD$64.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$89.95 TO CLEAR
  7. Men's Hemp Jeans
    SKU: 25000
  8. Hemp Drawstring Trousers
    SKU: 25001
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