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  1. Men's Possum Merino V-Neck Sweater
    SKU: 30007
    Special Price NZD$169.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$199.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR
  2. Possum Merino Zipped Jacket
    SKU: 30003
    Special Price NZD$188.10 Regular Price NZD$209.00
  3. Merino Multisport Socks - Ankle
    SKU: 40702
  4. Possum Merino Beachcomber Wrap
    SKU: 30029
    Special Price NZD$243.00 Regular Price NZD$270.00
  5. Men's Possum Merino Half Zip Sweater
    SKU: 30014
    Special Price NZD$185.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$219.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR
  6. Norsewear Gumboot Socks
    SKU: 40701
  7. Possum Merino Slouch Beanie
    SKU: 30306
    Special Price NZD$44.96 Regular Price NZD$49.95
  8. Men's Possum Merino Crew Neck Sweater
    SKU: 30006
    Special Price NZD$179.10 Regular Price NZD$199.00
  9. Possum Merino Cable Headband
    SKU: 30309
    Special Price NZD$29.66 Regular Price NZD$32.95
  10. Men's Possum Merino Rib Vest
    SKU: 30013
    Special Price NZD$145.00 "Ink" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$175.00 "Ink" TO CLEAR
  11. Men's Possum Merino Felted Jacket
    SKU: 30015
    Special Price NZD$242.10 Regular Price NZD$269.00
  12. Merino Classic Comfort Socks
    SKU: 40709
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12 Items

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