Pocket Pirate Kite

Sled kites are the perfect kites for kids on the go! Fits in a pocket!

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No spars to break and no adjustments to make. Portable, indestructible and easy to fly.

Sled kites are frameless flyers - wind simply fills the cells of the kite creating the kite's structure and allowing it to mysteriously take to the sky.

  • Will fly in light conditions (recommended wind speed: 6-38km/h / 4-24mph).
  • When done flying, simply fold the kite back up for easy travel and storage. Comes in a little zipped pouch. Fits in a pocket!
  • Nothing to break, no assembly required and easy to transport. Sled kites are the perfect kites for people on the go!
  • Measures 43 x 33cm (17 x 13 inches) plus tails.
  • Includes 20m (65 ft) flight line on handle.

Suitable for Ages 5+

Launching Instructions
With the wind at your back (minimum 5mph) hold the top of the kite so the kit’s cell openings are catching the wind. With the other hand, hold the kite’s bridle clip. Allow the wind to inflate the parafoil kite and gradually let out the line until the kite becomes airborne. Continue to keep tension on the line as the kite climbs through the sky.

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