Stansborough Heirloom Brushed Wool Throw

Perfect for any time of the year, but soft and snuggly for the chair, sofa, bed or as a special blanket for that outing in the car or boat.

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Simply beautiful, natural wool throw – grown, designed, spun and woven in New Zealand from the unique blue-grey wool of the rare Stansborough Grey sheep. A stunning gift.

Perfect for any time of the year, but soft and snuggly for the chair, sofa, bed or as a special blanket for that outing in the car or boat. Exquisite quality to enjoy for a lifetime.

  • Natural ecru and grey yarns are woven to a plaid or herringbone pattern to create a three dimensional effectMeasures 140 x 180cm / 55 x 70&frac34 inches with fringe
  • Made from Stanborough Grey wool, brushed to give a fine, soft nap for extra cosiness
  • Woven on a historic 19th Century loom
  • Individually washed and finished without any conditioners or chemicals, so 100% pure and natural
  • Beautifully presented –wrapped in tissue, in a giftbox and with a story card

The Lord of the Rings connection
When on display in New York, the unusual qualities of the Stansborough Greys’ fabric caught the attention of the Lord of the Rings costume designers and led to the order of material used for the ‘fellowship cloaks’ and costumes for many other characters in the film. Stansborough wool went on to be used in the costuming of the Narnia films, The Waterhorse, BBC’s Kidnapped, Avatar and many others.

About Stansborough

Twenty years ago, Cheryl and Barry Eldridge looked to diversify the farming activities on their Wairarapa sheep station, Stansborough. They obtained a small flock of rare grey sheep, originating from a small island off the coast of Sweden, and a herd of Alpacas. Over many years of selective breeding and hard work, the flock of blue-grey sheep number over twelve hundred and have wool that is unusually silky, soft and lustrous. ‘Stansborough Greys’ are now registered as a wool breed in their own right, and are the only sheep of their kind in the world.

The Eldridges personally attend the shearing, hand sorting and grading of the fleece of each animal. After the fleece has been professionally worsted spun, the yarn is then woven at their own historic weaving mill. The looms, that came out to New Zealand in the early 1900s, were developed in England to make fine worsted textiles and are ideal for creating beautiful heirloom textiles from a bygone era. 100% grown, inspired, designed and created in New Zealand, the end product is totally natural and eco-friendly; from the sustainable way the animals are farmed, right through to the hand finished textiles. The fibres used are in totally natural or biodegradable overdyed colours only.

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