Women's Bamboo Cotton Briefs

Made from 75% natural and sustainable Bamboo Viscose, with 20% Cotton and 5% Elastane.

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Bamboo Cotton Underwear - Silky Soft, Super stretchy & Easy Care

Soft, stretchy, supportive and breathable blend of Bamboo Viscose and Cotton – what could be better?

These contemporary styled women’s briefs fully cover your bottom and resist ride up. They are designed for wearing on the hip and provide ultimate comfort and support while you’re on the move. Easy care: just throw them in the machine.

Made from 75% natural and sustainable Bamboo Viscose, with 20% Cotton and 5% Elastane.


Care Directions

Please follow those attached to the garment. Machine, or hand wash in cold or lukewarm water. Do not bleach. Line dry.


About Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Viscose is spun from the cellulose of bamboo plants grown without chemicals or pesticides. It has many special qualities and provides versatile style and comfort for any season.

Super Soft, Wrinkle Resistant & Easy Care
The smooth, round structure of the fibre means that Bamboo Viscose is soft and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin. Its natural elasticity provides a high level of wrinkle resistance. Machine washable.

Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter
A cross-section of the bamboo cellulose fibre shows many micro-gaps and micro-holes making Bamboo Viscose highly absorbent and breathable. In the hot summer months it'll keep you feeling cool and comfortable. In colder conditions it provides insulation, retaining body warmth by trapping pockets of warm air against your skin.

Easier on the Environment
Bamboo needs no pesticides, fertilisers or other chemicals to grow. It grows fast, and due to its extensive root network, requires no replanting. Its dense growth resists soil erosion and actually improves soil quality. It absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than an equivalent stand of trees and releases more oxygen.

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