Wild Bird Welcome Kit

The perfect gift for your bird-loving friend or garden lover. Note: We are unable to send this product outside of New Zealand.

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The perfect gift for your bird-loving friend or garden lover. This pack will soon make the neighbourhood flocks feel right at home.

Want to attract the local wild birds to your garden? It’s a piece of cake! And a seed bell too! Simply lay out the welcome mat and they’ll fly on in.

Designed by a New Zealand farming family for New Zealand wild birds. All seed is New Zealand grown.

Containing energy food for a boost and seed for ongoing nutrition, it provides a great dietary balance for happy and healthy wild birds.

1: Delivers a great mix of nutrition and energy to hungry birds

2: Scientifically unproven to work better if you loudly sing ‘I’m Like A Bird’ while hanging up the feeders!

3: Hang the feeders up and watch for finches, wayeyes, sparrows and yellowhammer

1 x Wild Bird Energy Cake (Peanut)
1 x Wild Bird seed bell
1 x Wild Bird Seed Cake Feeder
1 x Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide

Instructions for use: Place feeders and food well off the ground to keep birds safe from predators. It may take some time for the birds to recognise the new food items so be patient. Replenish food regularly and keep feeders clean.

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