Upon careful consideration and new information to hand, New Zealand Nature has now ceased trading while New Zealand is under Covid-19 Alert Level 4.
All orders received have been dispatched and we will not be accepting any more until Alert 4 has been lifted.
Stay strong, stay safe and all the best from
The New Zealand Nature Team


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  1. Bamboo Classic Cropped Trousers
    SKU: 20017
  2. Rogue Linen Trousers
    SKU: 28000
  3. Bamboo Cotton Shorts
    SKU: 21011
    Special Price NZD$64.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$89.95 TO CLEAR
  4. Women's Bamboo Full Length Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20015
    NZD$44.95 SAVE 10% when you buy 2!
  5. NEW Bamboo Classic Slimline Trousers
    SKU: 20018
  6. Hemp 3/4 Drawstring Trousers
    SKU: 25002
    Special Price NZD$69.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$99.95 TO CLEAR
  7. Bamboo Cotton Casual Trousers
    SKU: 21012
  8. Women's Bamboo 3/4 Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20011
    NZD$39.95 SAVE 10% when you buy 2!
  9. NEW Bamboo Classic Straight Leg Trousers
    SKU: 20019
  10. Hemp Drawstring Trousers
    SKU: 25001
  11. Bamboo Cotton Beach Pants
    SKU: 21006
  12. Bamboo Full Length Leggings
    SKU: 20005
    NZD$37.95 SAVE 10% when you buy 2!
  13. Women's Bamboo Fold Down Pants
    SKU: 20007
  14. Women's Bamboo Cotton Leisure Pants
    SKU: 21008
    Special Price NZD$39.95 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$49.95 TO CLEAR
  15. Bamboo Cuffed Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20012
  16. Bamboo 3/4 Leggings
    SKU: 20006
    NZD$32.95 SAVE 10% when you buy 2!
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16 Items

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