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New Zealand's Backyard Beasts

For any child who loves to lift rocks to see what lives beneath! Ages 8+

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Must-have book for the budding entymologist! For any child who loves to lift rocks to see what lives beneath! Ages 8+

Out in the backyard, creeping along branches, hiding under stones and leaves, crawling in the earth or flitting from flower to flower, a whole universe of creatures is waiting to be discovered.

In New Zealand’s Backyard Beasts this fascinating world is brought to life. Find out about bees and wasps, beetles, butterflies and moths, mantises and stick insects, wētā, centipedes and millipedes, spiders, snails and worms, and much more. Beautiful illustrations are accompanied by informative text and fascinating facts.

Book measures 29.5 x 23cm / 11.6 x 9 inches. 44 pages. Soft cover.

Age 8+, or for younger children with a little help.

A wonderful gift alongside our Bug Viewer.

2019 Finalist Elsie Locke Award Non-Fiction Category - New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults


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