FREE Laundry Bag when you spend $50 or more on silk in any one order.
Soft mesh bag, with double drawstring closure, ideal for best care of your silk.
Measures 48 x 39cm / 19 x 15 inches.

*Please note that the bag adds a small amount of weight to your order and, if sending outside New Zealand, may marginally affect what you pay for shipping. You may remove the free bag from your cart if you choose.


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  1. Silk Classic Camisole
    SKU: 10400
  2. Silk Gathered Camisole
    SKU: 10402
  3. Men's Silk Singlet
    SKU: 10407
  4. Silk High Cut Briefs
    SKU: 10405
  5. Silk V-Neck Camisole
    SKU: 10401
  6. Silk Sleep Separates - Camisole
    SKU: 10205
    Special Price NZD$49.95 ON SALE Regular Price NZD$64.95 ON SALE
  7. Men's Lightweight Silk Boxers
    SKU: 10406
    NZD$49.95 NEW in Pewter Grey
  8. Silk Full Briefs
    SKU: 10404
  9. Silk Lace Trim Spencer
    SKU: 10403
  10. Silk Classic Tank Top
    SKU: 10000
    Special Price NZD$39.95 "Turquoise" ON SALE Regular Price NZD$62.95 "Turquoise" ON SALE
  11. Classic Silk Satin Boxers
    SKU: 10411
  12. Laundry Bag
    SKU: 10999-BAG-OS
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12 Items

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