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  1. Silk Sleeveless Top
    SKU: 10001
  2. Bamboo Classic Men's T-Shirt
    SKU: 20004
    Special Price NZD$19.95 "French Blue" & "Blue Stone" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$34.95 "French Blue" & "Blue Stone" TO CLEAR
  3. Hemp 3/4 Drawstring Trousers
    SKU: 25002
  4. Combed Cotton Textured Hoodie
    SKU: 26000
  5. Possum Merino Market Day Jacket
    SKU: 30020
    NZD$319.00 40% Possum rich
  6. Men's Possum Merino V-Neck Sweater
    SKU: 30007
    Special Price NZD$169.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$199.00 "Otter" TO CLEAR
  7. Royal Merino Textured Wrap
    SKU: 40100
  8. Sheepskin Slipper Clogs
    SKU: 50412
    Special Price NZD$130.50 Regular Price NZD$145.00
  9. Silk Pleated Nightie
    SKU: 10201
    Special Price NZD$109.00 Turquoise "TO CLEAR" Regular Price NZD$145.00 Turquoise "TO CLEAR"
  10. Men's Hemp Jeans
    SKU: 25000
  11. Bamboo Classic Women's T-Shirt
    SKU: 20003
    Special Price NZD$19.95 "Grape" & "Raspberry" TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$34.95 "Grape" & "Raspberry" TO CLEAR
  12. Possum Merino Flip Beanie
    SKU: 30329
  13. Bamboo Nightshirt
    SKU: 20204
    NZD$49.95 NEW in "Threesome"
  14. Men's Silk Long Underwear Leggings
    SKU: 10603
  15. Combed Cotton Short Sleeved Top
    SKU: 26006
    Special Price NZD$115.00 TO CLEAR Regular Price NZD$169.00 TO CLEAR
  16. Sheepskin Snuggly Slippers
    SKU: 50401
    Special Price NZD$170.10 Regular Price NZD$189.00
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Items 1-16 of 238

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