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FREE standard courier delivery within New Zealand for orders NZ$50+ for a limited time!

  • As soon as the product value of your order = NZ$50 or more, the Free Delivery Option will be presented to you at Checkout.
  • Offer only applies to orders placed in NZ$ and for delivery within New Zealand.
  • Select the highlighted option at checkout & note the offer does not apply to the "Signature Required" service.
  • Offer cannot be "corrected" after an order is placed, so please select the free option.
  • Offer began 1.48pm NZT Thursday 4th June and ends 9am NZT Monday 8th June 2020.
  • Offer doesn't apply to orders placed outside of the abovementioned time period.
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  1. Women's Bamboo Full Length Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20015
    NZD$44.95 NEW in "Storm Grey"
  2. Women's Silk Turtleneck
    SKU: 10003
    NZD$109.00 NEW in White
  3. Bamboo Kimono Robe
    SKU: 20200
    NZD$64.95 NEW in "Prussian Blue" & "Majesty Purple"
  4. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - Long Sleeve Henley Nightie
    SKU: 20210
    NZD$64.95 NEW in "Blue Green"
  5. Bamboo Longline Tank
    SKU: 20021
  6. Bamboo Longline Jacket
    SKU: 20020
  7. Men's Bamboo PJ Shorts
    SKU: 20212
  8. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ Cuffed Pants
    SKU: 20206
    NZD$49.95 NEW in "Blue Green" & "Prussian Blue"
  9. Bamboo Asymmetric Longline T-Shirt
    SKU: 20014
    NZD$59.95 NEW in "Majesty Purple"
  10. Women's Bamboo Long Sleeve Top
    SKU: 20013
    NZD$39.95 NEW in "Majesty Purple"
  11. Bamboo Cuffed Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20012
    NZD$49.95 NEW in "Prussian Blue"
  12. Bamboo Classic Men's T-Shirt
    SKU: 20004
    NZD$34.95 NEW in "Prussian Blue" & "Storm Grey"
  13. Bamboo Sleepwear Separates - PJ Singlet
    SKU: 20209
    NZD$29.95 NEW in "Duckegg"
  14. Bamboo Classic Women's T-Shirt
    SKU: 20003
    NZD$34.95 NEW in "Prussian Blue"
  15. Bamboo Nightshirt
    SKU: 20204
    NZD$49.95 NEW in "Daisy Chain" & "Dandelion Dreaming"
  16. Bamboo Basics Men's Leisure Pants
    SKU: 20008
    NZD$49.95 NEW in "Storm Grey"
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Items 1-16 of 42

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