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New Zealand Made

Plush, premium quality, made in New Zealand from twin-faced sheepskin that provides superior cushioning and insulation. "Twin-faced" means a single piece of sheepskin with both sides processed to the highest standards. The result is supple, suede leather on the outside with cosy fleece on the inside. The soft, wool fibres of natural sheepskin are highly breathable and act as a natural insulator to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. The thick, shearling wool inside moulds to the shape of your foot creating natural arch support. Our selection of New Zealand made sheepskin footwear is manufactured using only select skins.

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  1. The Lady Sheepskin Slippers
    The Lady Sheepskin Slippers
    SKU: 50409
  2. Men's Traditional Sheepskin Slippers
    Men's Traditional Sheepskin Slippers
    SKU: 50414
  3. Moodles Sheepskin Blanket Scuffs
    Moodles Sheepskin Blanket Scuffs
    SKU: 50435
  4. Oxford Sheepskin Ankle Boots
    Oxford Sheepskin Ankle Boots
    SKU: 50429
  5. Sheepskin Medical Slippers
    Sheepskin Medical Slippers
    SKU: 50426
  6. Sheepskin Slipper Clogs
    Sheepskin Slipper Clogs
    SKU: 50412
  7. Traditional Hard Sole Sheepskin Moccasins
    Traditional Hard Sole Sheepskin Moccasins
    SKU: 50422
  8. Slipper Socks
    Slipper Socks
    SKU: 50407
  9. Camilla Sheepskin Slippers
    Camilla Sheepskin Slippers
    SKU: 50423
  10. Conrad Sheepskin Scuffs
    Conrad Sheepskin Scuffs
    SKU: 50424
  11. All-purpose Sheepskin Inner Soles
    All-purpose Sheepskin Inner Soles
    SKU: 50301
  12. Children's Slipper Socks
    Children's Slipper Socks
    SKU: 50430
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