Slipper Socks - NZ Made

Great for cold feet anywhere! Light enough for backpacking and great for camping. 

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Sizing Information

XS fits max foot length 21cm (8¼ inches)
Euro 33-34, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 1-2, USA Mens 2-3, US/NZ/Aus Womens 3-4

S fits max foot length 22cm (8½ inches)
Euro 35-36, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 2-3, USA Mens 3-4, US/NZ/Aus Womens 4-5

M fits max foot length 24cm (9½ inches)
Euro 37-38, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 4-5, USA Mens 5-6, US/NZ/Aus Womens 6-7

L fits max foot length 26cm (10¼ inches)
Euro 39-40, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 6-7, USA Mens 7-8, US/NZ/Aus Womens 8-9

XL fits max foot length 28cm (11 inches)
Euro 41-42, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 7-8, USA Mens 9, US/NZ/Aus Womens 10

XXL fits max foot length 30cm (11¾ inches)
Euro 43-44, UK unisex/NZ & Aus Mens 9-10, USA Mens 10-11, US/NZ/Aus Womens 11-12

New Zealand Made Slipper Socks

Great for cold feet anywhere! Light enough for backpacking and great for camping. Wear them to bed or in your sleeping bag. Machine washable.

Slipper socks are light enough to carry in your backpack when going to extremes. The perfect hut slippers, and great for the travel hammock. Take them in your travel bag for the airplane, helps keep your feet warm and good for circulation. Natural fleece and leather on the bottom.

The resilient yet soft outer is made of polyester and latex. The inner is 100% Lambs Wool fleece - soft and warm against your feet. An added bonus is a wool cuff that covers the ankle for extra warmth. The sole is natural suede leather, also lined with wool fleece for luxurious warmth.

Lambs wool is nature's wonder fiber. Wool, unlike acrylics or other similar man made products, will absorb moisture and yet still feel dry. Moisture is wicked away from feet so they feel dry and will stay warm.


Cleaning instructions:
Handwash in luke warm water with a mild detergent e.g. baby shampoo (please do not use Woolite). Or, machine wash on the delicate or wool cycle using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and hang out to dry.

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