Traditional Hard Sole Sheepskin Moccasins - NZ Made

A comfortable, all-purpose slipper for anyone, but particularly good for those with extra wide, high and/or inflexible feet.

Please note: sizing for this slipper is expressed in UK Sizing. Please check the Size Chart (blue box under sizing options) for the correct size to order.

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Slipper Sizes

Half Sizes

If you are a half size, go down to the nearest whole size and look for the equivalent size to order.
Eg if you are a NZ Women's 7 1/2, look for NZ Women's 7, then the Size to Order is a 6.

Foot measurements

Measure your bare foot to be sure of the exact size. Place your heel against a wall and measure from the wall to the furthest tip of your longest toe (usually your big toe). You can stand on a ruler or measuring tape but if your ruler measuring edge doesn't start at zero, take this into consideration. We need the exact length of your foot, in inches or centimeters, but you must have bare feet.

Sheepskin boots will stretch slightly, and the pile will compact, so it is important that they fit reasonably snug to start with.

Compare worldwide shoe sizes

Size to
US Men's US Women's
NZ Women's
Aust Women's
UK Unisex
NZ Men's
Aust Men's

Max foot length

5 6 7 7 39 24.5cm / 9.6 inches
6 7 8 6 40 25.5cm / 10inches
7 8 9 7 41 26.5cm / 10.4 inches
8 9 10 8 42 27.5cm / 10.8 inches
9 10 11 9 43 28.5cm / 11.2 inches
10 11 12 10 44 29.5cm / 11.6 inches
11 12 13 11 45 30.5cm / 12 inches
12 13 14 12 46 31.5cm / 12.4 inches
13 14 15 13 47 32.5cm / 12.8 inches
14 15 16 14 48 33.5cm / 13.2 inches

If you are still unsure, please measure your foot and Contact Us with the measurements to receive sizing advice.



Hard sole, driving slipper with traditional moccasin styling. Handmade in New Zealand

A comfortable, all-purpose slipper for anyone, but particularly good for those with wide, high and/or inflexible feet. Wide fitting in the larger sizes.

The luxurious soft wool fibres of natural sheepskin are both breathable and insulating, wicking moisture away to keep your feet dry, comfortable and cosy.


  • Made from highest quality twin-faced sheepskin from New Zealand or Australia.
  • "Twin-faced" means that it is a single piece of sheepskin with both the leather and fleece sides being processed to the highest standards.
  • Comfortable, lightweight and flexible EVA sole that extends up the back of the heel to make it easier to drive while wearing
  • Adjustable cord that runs around the top of the slipper
If you'd prefer a traditional soft sole moccasin, please click HERE

Cleaning instructions

Hand wash only. Do not use a washing machine.
Hand wash in warm water with a wool approved detergent.
Gently rub the upper surface with a sponge to remove stubborn marks. Do not rub aggressively as this could cause discolouration and roughen the surface.
Rinse in clean, cold water. Do not allow to soak.
Gently squeeze out any excess water.
Re-form the footwear and allow to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or heaters.
Once the footwear is dry, lightly buff the suede surface with a dry towel to restore the original nap.

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