An iconic Kiwi brand, Swanndri have kept people comfortable for more than 100 years.  William Broome first devised and trademarked his brand, designed to keep you dry like a "swan's plummage", in 1913.  Since then, Swanndri clothing has been worn on the farms, in the mountains, and in the forests of New Zealand and around the world. These days, Swanndri’s signature style extends beyond the rural environment and is a real crowd pleaser for city life too.
Perhaps Broome was inspired by a particularly rainy summer at his home in Taranaki, or perhaps he just had the foresight to know that Kiwi weather can turn in an instant. Either way, from day one, Swanndri has been designed to keep rural New Zealanders comfortable no matter what the weather threw at them: from bitterly cold and wet winter mornings to hot, harsh summer afternoons.
In 2005, Swanndri began to move manufacturing of most items off shore, as the resources available in New Zealand no longer met the needs of the growing business. However, they maintain their exacting standards and use New Zealand grown, cruelty-free wool for their wool garments.

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  1. Swanndri Cotton Fleece Hoodie
    Swanndri Cotton Fleece Hoodie
    SKU: 63013
  2. Swanndri Moleskin Jeans
    Swanndri Moleskin Jeans
    SKU: 63000
  3. Swanndri Pinehurst Polo Tee
    Swanndri Pinehurst Polo Tee
    SKU: 63007
  4. Swanndri Baldwin Striped T-Shirt
    Swanndri Baldwin Striped T-Shirt
    SKU: 63009
  5. Swanndri Springhill Striped Tee
    Swanndri Springhill Striped Tee
    SKU: 63015
  6. Swanndri Classic Stretch Jeans
    Swanndri Classic Stretch Jeans
    SKU: 63001
  7. Swanndri New Zealand Made Leather Jean Belt
    Swanndri New Zealand Made Leather Jean Belt
    SKU: 63006
  8. Swanndri Classic Sleep Pant
    Swanndri Classic Sleep Pant
    SKU: 63005
  9. Swanndri Classic Pocket T-Shirt
    Swanndri Classic Pocket T-Shirt
    SKU: 63003
  10. Swanndri Rocky Point Shorts
    Swanndri Rocky Point Shorts
    SKU: 63017
  11. Swanndri Classic Undies
    Swanndri Classic Undies
    SKU: 63004
  12. Swanndri Organic Cotton Explorer T-Shirt
    Swanndri Organic Cotton Explorer T-Shirt
    SKU: 91033
  13. Swanndri Stretch Cotton Drill Shorts
    Swanndri Stretch Cotton Drill Shorts
    SKU: 63011
    Special Price NZD$66.95 Regular Price NZD$89.95
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