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Kangaroo Scuffs w. Sheepskin Innersole

USD $75.00
USD $75.00
Style Code:  67542
Availability:  This item is In stock

Comfortable and lightweight Kangaroo skin scuffs lined with wool fleece. Made in New Zealand.

Slip your feet into these cosy, warm scuffs – perfect for inside wearing.


  • Genuine kangaroo skin upper with 17mm (5/8 inch) wool pile lining
  • Genuine sheepskin innersole with 15-17mm (5/8 inch) wool pile
  • Smooth, non-marking EVA sole
  • Nylon binding around sole edge

Please note that Kangaroo Scuffs are made from natural Kangaroo skin and colours may vary.

The wool fleece lining is a natural insulator, cushioning your feet and wicking moisture away to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

The non-slip EVA soles are soft, durable and non-marking - ideal for wearing indoors.

Cleaning Your Kangaroo Scuffs

Firstly, it is important to avoid heavy soiling and exposure to water.
Hand wash only. Do not use a washing machine.
Hand wash in warm water with a wool approved detergent.
Gently rub the upper surface with a sponge to remove stubborn marks. Do not rub aggressively as this could cause discolouration and roughen the surface.
Rinse in clean, cold water. Do not allow to soak.
Gently squeeze out any excess water.
Re-form the footwear and allow to dry naturally away from direct sunlight or heaters.
Once the footwear is dry, lightly buff the suede surface with a dry towel to restore the original nap.

About Kangaroo Leather

The Australian rangeland environment is fragile and easily degraded. Kangaroos have evolved as part of the Australian ecosystem and, at natural population levels, cause no environmental degradation. However, kangaroo populations have increased dramatically since European settlement and now carefully controlled commercial harvesting contributes to the sustainability of the Australian environment.

The four species of kangaroo that are commercially harvested have very large populations. None is threatened or endangered. The Red kangaroo, Eastern grey kangaroo and Western grey kangaroo are the most abundant species and make up over 90% of the commercial harvest. Their combined population size has fluctuated between 15 and 50 million animals over the past 25 years in the harvested areas, depending on seasonal conditions.

The harvesting of kangaroos is permitted on a quota basis that is reviewed annually and independent of market demand. Quotas are set on the basis of population size and trends, and long-term climate predictions. Conservation of the species remains the foremost consideration. This approach ensures that the harvesting of kangaroos is managed in an ecologically sustainable way.

There is no farming of kangaroos in Australia. Kangaroos are harvested in the wild by licensed hunters.

Men's and Women's Sizing

S - UK and NZ/Aust Men's 3-4, US Men's 4-5, NZ/Aust/US Women's 5-6, Euro 36-37
Max foot length 22cm / 8¾ inches

M - UK and NZ/Aust Men's 5-6, US Men's 6-7, NZ/Aust/US Women's 7-8, Euro 38-39
Max foot length 24cm / 9½ inches

L - UK and NZ/Aust Men's 7-8, US Men's 8-9, NZ/Aust/US Women's 9-10, Euro 40-42
Max foot length 26cm / 10¼ inches

XL - UK and NZ/Aust Men's 9-10, US Men's 10-11, NZ/Aust/US Women's 11-12, Euro 43-44
Max foot length 28cm / 11 inches

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