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New'd Bug Repellent Candle TO CLEAR

USD $54.95
USD $54.95
Style Code:  72971
Availability:  This item is Out of stock

Keep the bugs away with this pure soy wax scented candle housed in a recycled wine bottle

Enjoy al fresco dining, or socialising outside, without the annoyance of biting bugs or the unpleasant fumes of standard repellents. This gorgeous candle emits a spicy, aromatic blend of Cedarwood, Lemon and Citronella to keep the bugs away.

Individually handcrafted from premium quality soy wax, top quality cotton wicks and the purest fragrances available. Soy wax is renowned for its superior fragrance release – holding and throwing up to three times more fragrance than an ordinary candle. Sourced from sustainable crops, soy wax burns cleanly producing virtually no soot.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 8cm / 4¼ x 3¼ inches.
Burn time: approx. 55 hours.

Each Living Light candle is individually handcrafted in glorious Golden Bay, New Zealand. Sourcing the highest quality and most ecological materials available and providing a dynamic, sustainable business that supports the environment and local, rural community. Makes a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

The Art of Burning Your Candle

Candles need to be burned properly to avoid smoke and spill. You must trim the wick of your candle each time you light it:

  1. Light your candle.
  2. Wait 1 minute.
  3. Trim candle wick to 5mm while alight.
  4. Remove any wick debris that has fallen into the candle.
  5. Maintain wick length at 5mm throughout burning time. In the unlikely event that your candle is smoking and you’ve already trimmed the wick to 5mm, extinguish the candle immediately. Pinch or trim the wick just a bit more and the smoking will stop.

Candles need oxygen to burn. If you burn a candle in a small, confined area it will smoke, so consider the size of the room when you arrange your candles to make sure they will have sufficient oxygen to burn cleanly.

Living Light Candles contain a UV inhibitor to prevent colours from fading when exposed to sunlight. However, to be safe avoid placing your candles in direct sunlight.

Handy safety information for burning candles

  1. Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  2. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. Always place your candles on sturdy, non-flammable holders, in sizes appropriate for the candles.
  4. Always light candles in draught-free areas, to prevent dripping and smoking. If a draft cannot be avoided, turn the candles 180 degrees every hour for an even burn.
  5. Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of it when it burns to within one inch of the base or holder.
  6. Remember to remove the labels on your candles before you light them.
  7. Remove wick debris and any décor near to, or exposed to the flame.
  8. If the candle flame is flickering or smoking the wick is too long and will need trimming.

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