New Service GoUK | Delivery/Shipping to the United Kingdom (or Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) 

NEW ♦ UK VAT (value added tax) and any import duty is now prepaid before your order leaves our warehouse.

NEW ♦ UK£ prices now include VAT.  Orders in NZ$, AU$ or US$ adjust for VAT and any import duty when destination is "United Kingdom".

NEW ♦ No more delays, nor extra charges, upon entry to the UK due to sorting and/or assessing VAT and any duty liabilities.

NEW Delivery within the UK, on behalf of New Zealand Post, is now by Hermes Parcelnet Ltd. It's a tracked, signature required service and excludes PO Boxes.

NEW ♦ Target delivery to most UK destinations is 6-7 New Zealand business days after leaving our warehouse.

When you order in UK£ (GBP) and Ship to the UK, this is how VAT and any duty prepayment works:

  • All UK£ (GBP) prices now include 20% VAT. Delivery/Shipping is exempt.
  • "Tax" displayed in your shopping cart & order confirmations, is the VAT included in product prices (and your "Order Subtotal").
  • If your Order Subtotal, excluding VAT, is UK£135 or more, then import duty of 8% is also applied automatically. It appears as a separate line "Import Duty".
  • If your Order Subtotal, excluding VAT, is less than UK£15, any VAT included in product prices, is deducted from your "Grand Total".
  • If you ship to anywhere other than UK (or Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man), VAT is removed from prices, but GST applies for New Zealand (15%) & Australia (10%).
  • CLICK HERE for more information about how "tax" is calculated and displayed.

When you order in NZ$, AU$ or US$ and Ship to the UK, the arithmetic is a little different as follows:

  • When you select "United Kingdom", (or Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) as the destination, NZ or Australian GST is removed and VAT applied, as is any import duty that may apply.
  • US$ prices have no tax component, so VAT is applied when "United Kingdom" (or Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) is selected as the destination, as is any import duty that may apply.
  • Exchange rate converters, updated daily, determine how your order value compares with UK£ determining VAT applied, and/or or any import duty.
  • CLICK HERE for more information about how "tax" is calculated and displayed.

Target Delivery to UK is 6-7 NZ Business Days after leaving our Warehouse: Here's how...

New Zealand Post collects orders from our warehouse each week day, then 2-3 days each week, they fly orders directly to their UK agent who clears through UK Customs & Excise.
Within 24 hours, orders are passed to Hermes Parcelnet Ltd. who deliver, by courier through their signature required service which excludes PO Boxes.

  • When you order, Please enter a correct, deliverable address, where someone is available to sign for the parcel, and please enter a valid email address.
  • Orders are completely trackable. You'll be emailed a tracking code and link by New Zealand Post.
  • Once you know your order has arrived in the UK, you can also track through Hermes Parcelnet.
  • Each order is scanned four times on its journey to its destination (1) when it leaves New Zealand, (2) when it's sorted at the relevant Hermes depot, (3) when it's with a courier for delivery, (4) when it's been delivered/signed for.
  • If nobody is available to sign for the order, a calling card is left with a time for the next delivery attempt. Delivery is attempted four times before the order is returned to New Zealand Nature.
Returns/Exchanges work the same way they always have. Returns/Exchanges