Kiwi Army Knife

The Kiwi version of the Swiss Army Knife!

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The Kiwi Version of the Swiss Army Knife!!

Includes: Knife, Saw, Scissors, Can opener, Bottle opener, Flat screwdriver, Carabiner, Corkscrew, Needle, Nail file and cleaner, and a Phillips screwdriver.

Measures 9cm long when folded up.

Metal throughout.

About Moana Road

Paul Ballentyne started Moana Road (then ‘Moana Road Art') in 2008. A surfer of nearly three decades, Paul knew where some of the most stunning and untouched places in NZ were and so he began photographing them. Beautiful scenery shots, as well as unique ‘Kiwiana’ subject matter, proved very popular and so Paul began selling his images at many outdoor markets all over New Zealand. Paul is passionate about sharing the beauty and culture of his beloved NZ and today Moana Rd proudly supplies retailers up and down the length of Aotearoa.

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