Kiwi Car Basketball Travel Game

Strategy and fun to make those long journeys go by in a flash!, Enjoy the trip and have family fun in the car! For 2 players, Ages 7+

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Enjoy the journey and have family fun in the car!  For 2 players, Ages 7+

Who can score 'baskets' by spotting red cars? When will you decide to call foul? 

Strategy and fun to make those long journeys go by in a flash!

Comes with everything you need for Car Basketball including scoring pad, playing cards, 2 pencils, an instruction sheet and a sturdy glove compartment size box to store it all.

Designed by a typical Kiwi family to entertain on those long car trips driving around our beautiful New Zealand.

Designed and made in New Zealand.


How to play

First make a decision on who starts - paper, scissors, rock maybe, or the youngest player?

Each player picks a pack of cards (red or blue). First player gets the scoring pad and pencil.

The scoring pad is like having a basketball in your hands - you can't shoot a hoop if you don't have the ball (or score pad!).

Aim of the game is to look out for a red vehicle and you have a time limit of 10 approaching vehicles. If you see one, you score a 2 point basket. 2 red vehicles one after the other scores you 3 points. As soon as you score, pass the ball (score pad) over.

If you don't see any red vehicles within 10 then you pass the score pad without scoring.

OR, you can call a foul. When you call a foul, your opponent needs to hand over one of their cards which can be worth 1, 2 or 3 points. To get the points you need to identify the vehicle written on the card within another 10 approaching vehicles. Foul cards can only be used once.

First player to get 120 points wins.

(If you want to speed up the game, try looking for black, white or silver cars, instead of red.)





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