Includes bubble wand, bubble mix and instructions.

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Have great summer fun making giant bubbles with the Magna Bubble. Age 5+

Includes bubble wand, bubble mix and instructions.

Who can make the biggest bubble? Whose bubble lasts longest? Can you make a bubble within a bubble?

Suitable for age 5+. Made in New Zealand.

Having trouble making bubbles?

  • Make bubble solution with 30ml Dawn Pro Liquid (supplied pack) and 500ml hot water – or 1 part dishwashing detergent to 10 parts hot water
  • For added performance add the guar gum additive (supplied). After that you could use 2 teaspoons of Glycerine (available at pharmacies and supermarkets) OR use 1 flat teaspoon of baking powder
  • Add detergent to hot water and stir together thoroughly but gently to avoid froth as this can interfere with making bubbles.
  • Bubble mix gets better with age. Kept in an airtight container the mix can be stored for later use. Add more water if it evaporates.
  • The quality of the tap water may affect bubble solution. If your water is hard you may find distilled, or rain, water works better.
  • Bubbles work best in cooler, humid temperatures – just after it has rained is perfect.

If you can find it, the best dish washing liquid for big bubbles is UK’s Fairy Original or USA’s Dawn or Joy. These can be found in specialist grocers that cater for expats and can often be obtained online.

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