Native World Possum Merino Cardigan

Pretty cardigan knitted in softest, warmest Possum Merino. With elegant paua shell buttons.

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20% Possum rich!

Size Chart

Women's Body Size Guide
Size to Order S M L XL XXL 3XL
Bust (cm) 86 - 90 91 - 95 96 - 100 101 - 108 109 - 115 116 - 122
Waist (cm) 68 - 72 73 - 77 78 - 82 83 - 90 91 - 97 98 - 104
Hip (cm) 92 - 96 97 - 101 102 - 106 107 - 114 115 - 121 122 - 128
Size to order S M L XL XXL 3XL
Bust (inches) 34 - 35½ 36 - 37½ 38 - 39½ 40 - 42½ 43 - 45½ 46 - 48½
Waist (inches) 27 - 28½ 29 - 30½ 31 - 32½ 33 - 35½ 36 - 38½ 39 - 41½
Hip (inches) 36 - 38 39 - 40 41 - 42 43 - 44½ 45 - 47½ 48 - 50½

Our sizes compare with the following international sizes

Size to order S M L XL XXL 3XL
NZ / AUS 10 12 14 16 18 - 20 22 - 24
UK 10 12 14 - 16 16 - 18 120 22 - 24
USA 8 10 12 - 14 14 - 16 18 - 20 22 - 24
Germany 38 40 42 - 44 46 - 48 48 - 50 50 - 52

Pretty cardigan knitted in softest, warmest Possum Merino. With elegant paua shell buttons.

A classic favourite. The perfect extra layer over your favourite dress. 

See above 'More Information' tab for body length and chest garment measurements.

  • Rolled edge at hem and cuffs
  • Elegant paua shell (abalone) buttons
  • Without pockets for a smooth silhouette
  • 20% Possum fur, 70% Merino wool and 10% Silk.

Note that Paua is a native shellfish of New Zealand - a type of abalone. The shell is very beautiful in shades of blue, green and purple and picks up the colours of what it sits against.

About Possum Merino

Once you’ve tried it nothing else will feel as warm and soft. Possum Merino is a wonderful blend of possum fur and superfine New Zealand Merino wool with a texture similar to cashmere - luxuriously soft, incredibly lightweight, exceptionally warm and easy to wear. It won’t pill, it won’t wrinkle, it’s anti-static and is an innovative and practical market solution to an environmental challenge facing New Zealand.

Due to its hollow nature, the possum fur fibre is incredibly insulating and provides exceptional thermal warmth without weight. Research has shown that it is 55% warmer than Merino and 35% warmer than cashmere.

Superfine New Zealand Merino wool is renowned for its skin-friendly softness, all-seasons breathability and easy care durability. It combines beautifully with possum fur to create garments of exceptional warmth and quality that are incredibly good value.


Care Directions

Please follow those on care label attached to the garment. Cool hand wash with a gentle detergent. Rinse well. Lay flat to dry in the shade. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Drycleanable.


About Native World

The beginnings of Manawatu Knitting Mills, parent company of Native World, were humble. In the 1880s John and Mary Alice Stubbs started making socks from local wool and developed this cottage industry into a serious enterprise. In the early days of the new century, the New Zealand Rugby Union commissioned the Stubbs mill to manufacture the jerseys of the first New Zealand team – “The Originals” – to tour Great Britain. This was Dave Gallagher’s celebrated 1905 tour that resulted in the Kiwis being christened as the “All Blacks”. The Stubbs knitted jersey, made from pure New Zealand wool, was to become the stuff of legends. The war years brought an economic boom, with MKM producing military jerseys, socks and underwear. Post war, the boom continued with the company moving into production of shearer’s singlets, work jerseys, socks underwear and swimsuits. Through the years MKM has reshaped itself to become one of Australasia’s largest knitwear manufacturers. New technology has enabled MKM to explore using a range of natural fibres including possum fur and superfine Merino – both sourced in New Zealand.


About the Brushtail Possum

The Australian Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a medium sized marsupial and was introduced into New Zealand in 1837. It is from a completely different family to that of the American Opossum, and has a fur quality similar to Mink. With no natural predators, numbers exploded to approximately 70 million in the 1980s, with possums chewing their way through 21 000 tons of native vegetation each night. As well as competing directly with native birds for food, possums eat birds’ eggs, chicks and insects. Their voracious appetite threatens the survival of many of our native plants, insects and birds, including the iconic flightless kiwi.

Animal health and conservation authorities spend many millions of dollars each year on trapping and controversial poisoning campaigns in attempts to control the pest. In addition, the possum fur industry helps to keep the possum numbers down. Recent figures have shown that due to two decades of control, possum numbers have dropped to approximately 30 million. However, we must remain vigilant as with no natural predators, New Zealand conditions are so favourable for possums, they are often able to breed twice a year and could easily and rapidly increase in numbers once again.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) support the use of possum fur.

So, by choosing to wear our luxurious Possum Merino knitwear from ‘NativeWorld’, you are helping to preserve the fragile and beautiful New Zealand environment – including New Zealand’s unique icon – the Kiwi, (‘NativeWorld’ supports the Kiwi Recovery Programme based in Rotorua). Become part of the solution and wrap up warm in Possum Merino.

More Information
Garment Measurements

Body length (from shoulder to hem):

S - 56cm / 22 inches
M - 58cm / 22.8 inches
L - 60cm / 23.6 inches
XL - 62cm / 24.4 inches
XXL - 64cm / 25.2 inches

Chest (measured flat, straight across just under armholes. Double for chest circumference):

S - 50cm / 19.7 inches
M - 52.5cm / 20.7 inches
L - 55cm / 21.7 inches
XL - 57.5cm / 22.6 inches
XXL - 60cm / 23.6 inches

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