Rainbow Ribbon Wrist Rings

Contains two rings, each with 6 ribbons.

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A Rainbow of Colour for Dancing and Movement. Ages 3+

Contains two rings, each with 6 ribbons.

The length of the ribbon is 53cm but these could be cut if too long.

Diameter of ring is approx 10cm.

About Gollygo

Gollygo is a family business, started in New Zealand over a decade ago. Creating the Gollygo range came naturally to a mum of four! Vickie’s children had long since grown but she knew the need for quality children’s dress ups was timeless. She also knew kids need to be able to play without limits and when they have a dress up they love – they want to be in it daily, so Gollygo’s costumes are durable and will stand up to hard play. Vickie is now based in Indonesia where she is the hands on manager of the production house there.

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