Silk V-neck T-Shirt

Classic V-neck T-Shirt made from Pure Silk Knit. Men's Sizes but great for Women too!

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Men's Body Size Guide

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Chest (cm)

92 - 97

98 - 102

103 - 109

110 - 117

118 - 125

126 - 132

Waist (cm)

81 - 86

87 - 92

93 - 99

100 - 107

108 - 114

115 - 122


Size to order







Chest (inches)

36½ - 38

38½ - 40

40½ - 43

43½ - 46

46½ - 49

49½ - 52

Waist (inches)

32½ - 34

34½ - 36

36½ - 39

39½ - 42

42½ - 45

45½ - 48

Classic V-neck T-Shirt made from Pure Silk Knit. Men's Sizes but great for Women too!

A classic style you can wear with anything. Easy care and crease resistant, this 100% silk knit top is perfect to pack for your travels. Makes fantastic sleepwear too.

Incredibly comfortable to wear, the silk is soft and smooth against your skin. This totally natural fibre is both highly breathable and insulating making it an ideal choice for any climate. 

In Men's Sizes. Our male model wears Size L (his usual size), our female model wears Size M (equivalent to Women's Size L - one size up from her usual size). Women should go down a size if they prefer a closer fit.

  • Straight cut T-Shirt with a high V-neck
  • Durable, easy care, quick drying and crease resistant – ideal for travel
  • Made from pure silk knitted into a comfortable double knit fabric that stretches and moves with your body
  • Designed in New Zealand and ethically made in China by a company we've worked with for over 15 years.

About Silk

Pure silk has been treasured for thousands of years and not only because it’s beautiful. Soft, smooth and luxurious against your skin, silk is also a natural insulator providing thermal warmth in cooler temperatures, and releasing warmth to keep you cool when it’s hot. Silk is highly breathable and draws moisture away, releasing it into the air, to keep you dry and comfortable. It is well suited to sensitive skin.

New Zealand Nature clothing is made from ‘filament’ silk where the long, natural threads are directly unwound from the cocoon of the mulberry silkworm. It’s recognised as the highest quality silk. This versatile, knit fabric is incredibly strong and durable relative to its lighter weight and yields garments with a smooth sheen. It retains its shape and optimises silk’s inherent breathable properties.

This Silk ¾ Sleeve Top is made from premium quality, double knit, stretch silk. Ideal for outerwear, it is supremely comfortable and looks wonderful. It has a natural sheen, drapes beautifully and is non-transparent. Double knit silk is durable and easy to care for. Even if it is damaged, due to the interlocking (double knit) weave, it will not ladder (run). It’s crease resistant, machine washable and quick drying.


Care Directions:

Silk is a delicate fabric and can be damaged by washing with harsh detergents and/or on vigorous washing cycles.

For best care, hand wash separately to avoid pilling. Use mild detergent. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry. Can be dry cleaned.

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